Arm liposuction Chiang Mai

Arm liposuction Chiang Mai

Upper Arm Liposuction Chiang Mai What is Body Tite? A liposuction machine that uses energy from frequency waves to be converted into heat energy. Goes in and destroys fat cells to dissolve into oil, up to 5 kilograms. The machine will suck it out. It comes gently, but the RF heat will not damage other tissues. Highly safe for patients because it is liposuction only in a specific area and the patient remains conscious.

Arm liposuction Chiang Mai

In addition, RF energy also helps stimulate Collagen in the subcutaneous layer to make it firm and smooth. and tense at the same time See results immediately after the latest innovative treatment. of fat breakdown By using RFAL TM technology, liposuction can work quickly. The fat that is sucked out will have very little blood. Compared to other technologies because it can stop the bleeding while doing it. To reduce blood loss by using A very small device that can adjust the depth. to go in and destroy Only fat cells in the desired area Without damaging the nerves or surrounding tissues and can help stimulate the creation of Collagen in the layer under the skin, making the skin in the area Lift and tighten treatment and smooth, tighter, no skin problems rough, hollow

Arm liposuction Chiang Mai

What is arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction is the use of a long tube-like instrument inserted under the skin to suck out excess fat and get rid of unwanted upper arm fat. Use small equipment which is specifically designed for the upper arm area Helps get better results from liposuction. It is a quick and safe way to reduce the size of the upper arm. Helps reduce the problem of sagging in the arm area and make it more firm.

Arm liposuction, Lannawadee Clinic

  1. Liposuction, fat removal, weight loss
  2. Which parts can be done with arm liposuction?
  3. Who is liposuction suitable for?
  4. Arm liposuction price at Lannawadee Clinic
  5. Preparation before arm liposuction
  6. After arm liposuction How to take care of yourself
  7. Why must liposuction be done at Lannawadee Clinic?
  8. How long does it take to have arm liposuction?
  9. Already had liposuction Will my arms grow back?
  10. Can you do arm liposuction and exercise?
  11. Is arm liposuction dangerous?
  12. Upper arm liposuction review

Liposuction, fat removal, weight loss

Arm liposuction

Lose weight, tighten your figure, burn off fat. At Meda, we have services to help tighten various parts. Reduce fat accumulation and provide advice on eliminating excess fat Various methods according to suitability and customer satisfaction We have adopted TiteFX technology which is a technique of fat dissolving using heat waves that is not harmful to the patient.

Which parts can be done with arm liposuction?

First of all, the doctor evaluates the results before liposuction. And there are 2 parts that can be done with liposuction: upper arm liposuction. (including the shoulders and back of the arms) and liposuction under the arms In addition, the doctor may perform liposuction under the armpits. (Liposuction of small breasts) or liposuction of back wings as well. To cover the arm and similar parts. Makes it look more balanced and beautiful.

Who is liposuction suitable for?

– People who are not completely obese
. – People who are not significantly overweight.
– People who have localized fat accumulation.
– People who have accumulated fat that cannot be reduced with exercise and diet control.
– People whose skin Very flexible After liposuction, the skin will be smooth, beautiful, and less saggy.

Preparation before arm liposuction

1. Liposuction is not weight loss.

Many people misunderstand that liposuction is weight loss. That will make you get a slimmer figure in a short period of time, but actually it’s not what you think. Liposuction will help reduce the size. This is because it removes fat cells from the body in areas that cannot be reduced through normal diet control. This may be due to genetics or changes in sex hormones. Moreover, we cannot perform liposuction in many cases. area of ​​the body

Liposuction will make it more compact. Your weight may change somewhat because the fat will be much lighter than it looks and during the first 1-2 weeks you may notice weight gain. Don’t be alarmed because of swelling and inflammation.

2. Refrain from taking certain medicines and dietary supplements for 2 weeks before liposuction.

Prepare before liposuction By refraining from certain types of medicines and dietary supplements, such as medicines to reduce blood clotting, aspirin, and certain types of pain relievers. Depression medicine

3. Stop smoking 2 weeks before liposuction.

Smoking before any surgery It is considered to increase the risk of wound healing, causing slow healing and wounds not sticking. This includes the use of nicotine or electronic cigarettes that contain the same nicotine.

4. Notify the doctor directly. Regarding congenital disease

Notifying the doctor of past or present medical conditions It is preparation before liposuction. Really very important Don’t worry that if you talk too much the doctor won’t do it. Safety from surgery is much more important.

5. Travel or work should be planned after liposuction.

Normally, liposuction is performed on a small number of areas. It is considered not dangerous. But you should prepare yourself by avoiding long flights. (more than six hours) suddenly or during a long car ride

6. The fat that is sucked out can be used to fill other parts.

Fat that is sucked out of our body in a special technique. It may be able to be injected to enhance certain parts of our body, such as areas that are cleft or holed from various causes. or fill in the area of ​​the lips, chin, or cheeks, etc.

7. Liposuction takes time to take effect.

Liposuction takes time. and in addition to the ability of the doctor What about taking care after liposuction? and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions It is one of the ways to get the best results.


After arm liposuction How to take care of yourself

1. Dress the wound once a day according to the instructions.

2. You should go home and rest. And you should start walking immediately to prevent blood clots from forming in your legs. and to help drain waste from the wound

3. Refrain from showering. You can shower the next day. After installing the waterproof paste Use waterproof paster Apply the paste to the wound before bathing every time. Some people may have allergic reactions. You may only put it on before taking a shower. You don’t have to wear it all the time.

4. Do not expose the wound to the sun. Because it may make the wound turn black.

5. Wear the compression garment 24 hours a day for the first 3 days, and then wear it only 12 hours a day to keep blood flowing for 1 month.

6. Always wear compression garments designed for BodyTite liposuction to tighten skin faster.

7. If you have a wound on the inside of your leg, try not to let the wound touch urine. To prevent infection

8. Refrain from heavy activities. To prevent open wounds for a while You can do light exercise. As for heavy exercise, You can start doing it 2 weeks after liposuction.

9. Refrain from eating salty foods, alcohol, and fermented foods to prevent the wound from healing slowly.

10. Follow your doctor’s instructions. and strictly clinical

Arm liposuction Chiang Mai

Why must liposuction be done at Lannawadee Clinic?

1. Use external fat dissolving tools.
Using external fat dissolving tools such as using RF (Radio Frequency) machines
. 2. It is liposuction without surgery
. 3. The doctor and medical team have more than 16 years
of experience . 4. Modern tools and equipment meet standards and have been certified. and truly effective
5. Take care of each patient case closely and fully Until the proportions are in place, no cases will be thrown away by the medical team.

How long does it take to have arm liposuction?

Length of time for liposuction 2-4 hours or 1-2 hours* Liposuction time It may be different for each person.

Already had liposuction Will my arms grow back?

After liposuction, results may last if weight remains stable. Except in the case where the weight has increased a lot. It might get bigger. But it won’t be much bigger than before it was sucked. Or the fat may accumulate elsewhere before returning to normal. 
If we get liposuction on our arms and don’t take care of ourselves in terms of food and nutrition. Still eating as desired. Of course, there must be fat accumulated naturally. Because the body cannot burn it all out. While the arms can no longer store fat. The body then uses those excess fat to accumulate in various parts. Including the arms as well.

Can you do arm liposuction and exercise?

During the first period, you should refrain from heavy activities. To prevent open wounds for a while But you can do light exercise. As for heavy exercise, You can start doing it 2 weeks after liposuction.

Arm liposuction Chiang Mai

Is arm liposuction dangerous?

Many people may be afraid and worried about whether liposuction will be dangerous. Liposuction became popular when a French surgeon developed a standardized technique and method, including a liposuction device. conscientiously Connect to the vacuum cleaner. which gives good results to a certain extent But the patient still lost a lot of blood after the procedure. In those days, anyone who had liposuction had to give 1-2 bags of blood immediately.
Until there was a team of dermatologists They invented a method called Tumescent, which involves putting large amounts of water and anesthetic under the skin to numb it and reduce blood loss. It also made liposuction easier. Since then, this method of inserting anesthetic mixed with saline has been used. It is considered the standard of modern liposuction, causing dangers from liposuction. It has decreased a lot.






Arm Liposuction Chiang Mai


Arm Liposuction Chiang Mai







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