Eyebrow transplant Chiang Mai

Eyebrow transplant Chiang Mai

Eyebrow transplant Chiang Mai, permanent eyebrow transplant, suitable for people who have no eyebrows, few eyebrows, thin eyebrows, want to have thick eyebrows, don’t want to get eyebrow tattoos. Want to have natural eyebrows?

What is an eyebrow transplant?

Permanent eyebrow transplant involves growing eyebrow hairs one by one. It is a permanent way to increase eyebrow hairs. Suitable for people who have eyebrow problems such as thin eyebrows, cleft eyebrows, or few eyebrows. In principle, eyebrow and mustache transplants are similar to hair transplants.

Eyebrow transplant Chiang Mai

Who is suitable for eyebrow transplants?

1. People with cleft eyebrows from an accident from certain skin diseases, hair-eating diseases

2. People with very thin eyebrows since birth or some skin diseases that permanently damage the hair roots

3. People who have had their eyebrows tattooed. Still want to grow more eyebrows to look more dimensional.

4. People who have tattooed eyebrows and are not beautiful must have them removed with a laser. Makes the real eyebrow hair fall out.

Eyebrow transplant technique at Meda Clinic

The Meda Clinic eyebrow transplant technique uses the same technique as FUE hair transplantation.

Procedures and treatment methods for FUE technique

A skilled doctor will administer anesthetic injections. or have the patient take mild sleeping pills And then the doctor will begin the treatment for growing new hair with the FUE technique by using a special tool, a drill head (Punch) with a small head of 0.8-1.2 millimeters, drilling into the area of ​​the scalp around the designated hair clump, deep into the hair roots, by choosing Hair cells on the back of the head Pull out those strong clumps of hair. And the doctor will make a small incision, size 1-1.5 millimeters, in the area of ​​the head where new hair is desired. Then calculate the graph (hair follicle cells) instead, similar to moving the hair follicle cells to replace them and switch positions.

The various steps in hair transplantation require a lot of meticulousness and special expertise of the doctor because if the doctor is not skilled at drilling, May cause hair follicle cells to fall off. In addition to causing problems to the hair follicle cells It may result in growing new hair that is not natural. and negative effects during the treatment period

Even though this method involves bringing in a tool (Robot) to help collect the displayed graphs, it is true. But every step of the mechanics of the work must go through the hands of medical experts. This means that the heart of this method is the treating doctor and a team of skilled assistants. Hair transplant using the FUE technique is divided into 2 types:

  1. Treated by specialist doctors
  2. Treated by robots (Robot) or using a combination of techniques.

Of course, the results and differences depend mainly on the person administering the treatment. The FUE hair transplant technique requires careful attention and precision. After undergoing a hair transplant using the FUE technique, patients should not touch the wound, mop the wound, or wash their hair. Also, do not allow the wound to come in contact with water in the area where the hair transplant was performed using the FUE technique for a period of 24 hours.

Eyebrow transplant Chiang Mai

Advantages of eyebrow transplant

1. Increase self-confidence

2. Long, bushy eyebrows look natural.

3. Have permanent eyebrows from the first session

4.Eyebrow hairs that are transplanted are difficult to fall out.

Preparation before eyebrow transplant

1. Get enough rest for at least 6 hours.

2. Refrain from drinking alcohol and cigarettes before and after eyebrow transplant for 48 hours.

3. You should wash your hair on the day of your eyebrow transplant.

4. Refrain from drinking tea and coffee before permanent eyebrow transplantation.

5. It is recommended that you eat food properly.

6. It is recommended that you take your personal medicine properly. Except for drugs that prevent blood from clotting.

7. It is recommended to wear a shirt with buttons on the front. or a wide-necked t-shirt To prevent the shirt from being removed from the head. Because it may affect the eyebrows and mustache that you have grown.

Suggestions for care after eyebrow transplant

1. You can wash your face normally. Leave the eyebrow area for at least 2 days.  

2. If there is swelling around the eyelids It is recommended to use a Cool Pack to help reduce swelling faster.

3. Stop washing your hair for 1 day so that water doesn’t get on your eyebrows.

4. It is recommended to lie on your back. Do not sleep on your stomach or side for 1 week.

5. Do not pick at the wound around the eyebrow area.

6. Abstain from all types of alcoholic beverages for 2 days.

7. Stop smoking.

8. Refrain from heavy exercise. Or refrain from sports that have concussions for 1 week.

9. Refrain from drawing your eyebrows for 2 weeks.

10. Avoid sunlight for 1 week. It is recommended to wear a hat to prevent exposure to the sun.

Frequently asked questions about eyebrow transplants

How is an eyebrow transplant different from eyebrow tattooing?

If you get your eyebrows tattooed, the result will be that your eyebrows will have no dimension. When taking photos or looking at the front, it may not be clearly seen. But if you look from the side, you will see that the tattooed eyebrow line flat against the skin Because tattooing is just applying color to the skin.

Permanent eyebrow transplant The resulting eyebrows will have dimensions. Long out like real eyebrows This is because it is real hair that is implanted. And it’s hair that’s the same color as our original eyebrows. This makes the results look more natural and permanent.

Does eyebrow transplant hurt?

Permanently growing eyebrows doesn’t hurt at all. This is because the whole process takes the hair roots out of the scalp at the nape of the neck. including permanent eyebrow hair growth Doctors will use anesthesia during every procedure. Some methods may also use anesthesia. Make people not hurt while doing it When the anesthetic wears off, there may be some pain, but not much. After taking the painkiller for just a few days, it will go away on its own.

Why should you have your eyebrows transplanted with Meda Clinic?

1. Doctor graduated from the American Board Hair Transplant.
2.International capabilities By being a member of the world association of hair transplant doctors (The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), which is an institution that certifies permanent hair transplantation around the world.
3. More than 16 years of hair transplant experience.
4. Trusted to take care of and service patients’ hair in more than 10,000 cases.
5. Can guarantee more than 98% of hair growth results and be looked after for life by expert doctors.
6. Guaranteed many works. Quality guaranteed The results are clear. After planting, if the hair does not grow Guaranteed new planting for free

Eyebrow transplant review with Meda Clinic

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