Thread lift Chiang Mai

Thread Lift Chiang Mai

Thread lifting is another method that helps adjust the shape of the face to make it slimmer. Solve the problem of sagging cheeks and make them firm again. Tight as usual

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a technique used to help lift and tighten. Skin rejuvenation Reduce wrinkles and adjust the face shape to look slimmer. with dissolving threads without surgery which originates from Korea The principle of this technique is to use many small threads to form a network. The area under the skin where the thread is inserted will be stimulated to become inflamed. Causes the creation of new blood vessels. It has the effect of stimulating cells responsible for creating collagen fibers. Create new collagen to wrap around the silk line. Resulting in pulling the facial skin. Makes facial skin firm and firm. As well as helping to stimulate increased blood circulation to the skin.

Thread lift Chiang Mai

Who is a thread lift suitable for?

Thread lifting is another method that helps adjust the shape of the face to make it slimmer. Solve the problem of sagging cheeks and make them firm again. Tight as usual

“And can I get a thread lift on my face?” Today, let’s answer the question: Who is this thread lift suitable for?
There is a desire to adjust the shape of the face to make it slimmer. What is it called? compact A thread lift can help with all sagging facial features by pulling it tight and slender and also helping to make the face symmetrical
2. People with sagging facial skin. The thread lift does not tighten. In addition to having silk spines that lift the face, it also stimulates the production of elastin fibers to make the skin firm. Another way to tighten up
3. There is a need to tighten the double chin under the chin. The spines will help lift up the sagging double chin and keep the excess under the chin firm and beautiful
4. Want a firmer face ? but don’t want surgery, for a thread lift the doctor just threads a very small thread into the spine to lift and tighten the face. It doesn’t take long, so there’s no need to recuperate. Can continue with my daily routine.

Thread lift Chiang Mai

Thread lifting is used to help lift and tighten. There are 3 types of silk that are commonly used in Korea.

  1. Mono threads  are smooth threads. There are no spines or knobs or threads. This type of thread lift is mostly used around the neck, face, and under the eyes. This type of thread helps tighten the skin but does not help lift the skin layer.
  2. Screw threads  are a single or two strands of silk threaded together. This type of thread is useful for adding volume to sunken or pudgy skin areas. Spiral silk threads produce stronger results than smooth silk threads. Most thread threads are suitable for lifting loose skin layers.
  3. Silk threads with spines (Cog threads)  are a single strand of silk but have spines all along the silk. To act as an adhesive inside the skin layer The spines are useful, acting like a structure that lifts loose tissue or skin. Collagen is stimulated to create new ones around the silk and spines. This type of thread is suitable for lifting and tightening the chin area. Adjust the shape of your face to be slender.

   Meda Clinic Chiang Mai Thread lift service available To lift and tighten the face and adjust the facial shape with various types of quality threads.

One form of face lifting is Thread lifting to lift the face is a very effective procedure. See results quickly There are many different types of thread used. General thread will last approximately 6-8 months.

For the silk used is a type of silk. Polydioxanone (PDO), which is a dissolving thread. used to sew the walls of coronary arteries which has very little chance of losing No skin reactions The dissolving threads used to tighten the skin will gradually dissolve within 6-8 months, leaving no residue to cause side effects later.

When the thread enters the skin layer Will cause small inflammation. of the skin into which the thread is inserted Therefore, it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels (Local microcirculation), causing the skin to have better blood circulation. The facial skin therefore looks more radiant within 2-3 weeks and results in the process of creating collagen around the threads, resulting in more lifting and tightening.

The results of the thread lift and facelift are considered to reduce wrinkles clearly immediately. Correct sagging around the neck, face, eye corners, eyebrows, forehead, and small wrinkles under the eyes that Botox or filler or laser cannot completely fix. Plus it lasts longer, up to 2 years.

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Thread lift Chiang Mai

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The PDO threads we use are dissolving threads which the body will gradually eliminate completely. Within a period of 6 months, which is different from other types of facial lifting threads in the past. Such as Aptos silk, which has a serrated shape and is a type of silk that does not dissolve. After the procedure, there is often long-term bruising. and requires a doctor with high experience If you do the wrong thing to balance your face, you will need surgery. to remove the thread before re-threading In addition, it cannot be threaded around the body, while Gold Thread, which is made up of pure gold and metals, is a type of thread that does not melt. The advantage is that it is very expensive and requires special care of yourself. Because I can’t do laser. Or you can massage your face with radio waves like normal people because it may cause the silk to absorb. It can be hot and torn in the skin. In addition, some people may have an allergic reaction to the pure gold that is an ingredient. If there is a problem, surgery is required to remove the stitches as well. It also cannot be used to tighten the skin around the body. PDO threads are considered the only type of thread that is safe. And the efficiency is higher than other types of dissolved sutures such as Catgut dissolved sutures, which often cause redness and bruising for up to 20 days, or PGA (Polygicolic Acid) dissolved sutures or Polygicolic dissolved sutures, which are more likely to become infected 60 – 90 days after threading. Because this type of silk has many pores, it is easier to cause infection. and dissolves quickly within the fiber 3 months makes it effective in stimulating fascia or fibers that pull on the skin for only a short period of time, while PDO threads can last for 1-3 years.

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Things to do before and after treatment

1. Refrain from taking medicines that affect blood clotting, cod liver oil, vitamins, and various dietary supplements for 1-2 weeks.

2. After treatment, avoid touching water in the treated area for 2-3 days.

3. Refrain from massage, laser treatment in the thread lift area for 2 weeks.

4. Make an appointment to see the doctor 1 month after treatment to evaluate the treatment results.

5. Cold compress to reduce swelling. You should apply a cold compress immediately after finishing. And as often as possible within 48 hours from completion to reduce swelling and bruising.

6. Avoid certain types of food. Such as fermented food or fresh food, you should eat light food. and should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages And cigarettes too

7. Refrain from sleeping on your side or stomach. that causes the wound to be pressed This may cause the wound to become infected.

8. Refrain from touching your face directly. Because the face still has a small wound. If you touch your face, it may cause germs to enter the wound. Therefore, you should refrain from touching. Caress your face for a while.

9. Do not pull the threads yourself. If you find that there is a thread showing or you see a knot, you should not pull it yourself. You should see a doctor so that the doctor can arrange for you.

10. If there are abnormal symptoms Inflammation or swelling You should see a doctor immediately, there is no need to wait for an appointment.

What are the prohibitions for thread lifting?

  • People with inflammatory skin infections in the area to be threaded.
  • Have a history of allergic reaction to the components of the silk material as diagnosed by a doctor, side effects Other effects are not considered allergies.
  • Have a history of allergic reaction to anesthetics (If the patient has never had dental anesthesia before, he or she should notify the doctor to be more careful in using anesthesia.)
  • In a state of continuous bleeding (bleeding disorder), the doctor will consider according to discretion.
  • Do not do it in those who are pregnant.
  • In the case of breastfeeding, you should consult your obstetrician before doing this.

Thread lift Chiang Mai

What things does a silk thread help with?

Thread lift, face lift for youthful skin The beauty of the skin Youthful-looking skin It is everyone’s dream. We all want to look good at all times. beauty technology Therefore, there is continuous development without stopping. Especially anti-aging innovations One of those innovations What we are talking about is Ultra V lifting or the technique of thread lifting and facelift.

Before knowing What is a thread lift and facelift technique and how do they do it? Let’s learn about the evolution of facial skin tightening methods. Reduce wrinkles first.

Method for lifting and tightening especially the face There has been constant evolution. Starting from the earliest times It is a facelift surgery. Later there was lifting using RF waves such as Thermage, Athron, and then there was the group using sound waves (Focused Ultrasound) such as Ulthera.

Lifting and tightening using silk threads It is another type of lifting that has been done for many years. Initially, it might be a lifting with Aptos Threads , which are threads that have small serrations. throughout the line to pull the tissue under the skin tighter Classified as a group of silk threads that do not dissolve. The needle used is large. It will hurt a lot while doing it. There were many bruises after the procedure. And it can often cause problems in the long term, for example, over time, the silk stems may emerge from the skin and have to be cut out, or when the spines or serrations fall off as people get older. This caused the threads to not have the desired effect. Later, there was a lift and tightening using Gold Thread, although it had the advantage of causing less bruising after the procedure. But there is a disadvantage that it is very expensive and can only be done in certain areas such as the face, neck, and arms. After the procedure, you must avoid exposure to heat or various treatments on the face. If gold thread threading is done incorrectly, Need surgery to remove the stitches And there may be problems for people who are allergic to metal, etc.

The thread used is Polydioxanone (PDO) which is a dissolvable thread used to sew the walls of coronary arteries. which has very little chance of losing No skin reactions The dissolving threads used to tighten the skin will gradually dissolve within 6-8 months, leaving no residue to cause side effects later.

Fine Thread Lifting (FTL) or Ultra V Lift, in addition to seeing immediate results after the procedure, is because the dissolved threads have a mechanism of action after the threads are inserted into the skin layer, which is that the threads help stimulate the contraction of collagen under the skin. Makes the skin tighten immediately after treatment. And continued good results were also found, namely while the threads dissolved under the skin. It will cause inflammation of the skin into which the thread is inserted. Therefore, it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels (Local microcirculation), causing the skin to have better blood circulation. The facial skin therefore looks more radiant within 2-3 weeks and results in the process of creating collagen around the threads, resulting in more lifting and tightening. As time passes which after the silk has completely dissolved The resulting collagen structure supports the skin like the fibrous structure. Make it firmer and tighter. The facial skin will be better. progressively tightening and has continued results for up to 12-18 months

What are you prohibited from eating? After thread lifting

  • Grilled pork, shabu, which requires sitting in front of a hot stove.
  • Food that is very spicy makes your face red.
  • Fermented foods because they contain substances that cause blood vessels to expand, such as fermented fish, pickled bamboo shoots, and pickled mangoes.
  • Avoid extremely sweet foods and cow’s milk because they can stimulate the inflammatory process.
  • Avoid eating raw food from unclean restaurants as some parasites will react with the filler and cause inflammation.
  • You should stop smoking. Cigarettes contain many substances that dilate blood vessels. It will cause the swelling to collapse slowly. and the treatment results last for a shorter time

Side effects from thread lifting?

1. There will be swelling or bruising, but it will gradually improve and disappear within 7 – 14 days.

2. While doing it, you will feel the thread being threaded into your face.

3. There may be bleeding in the area where the needle is inserted.

Thread lift Chiang Mai

Is thread lifting dangerous?

As for dangerous side effects, such as thread punctures, broken threads, tissue inflammation, and infection, these side effects are often caused by thread lifts being done by quack doctors, quack clinics, and not using safe threads. Therefore, before deciding to get a thread lift, you should be careful in choosing only clinics that meet standards and experienced doctors.

Advantages of thread lifting 

1. Such fibers If it’s in the correct direction and appropriate surface layer It can help support the skin, tighten the skin, similar to the natural tendons on the face.

2. The hook-like spines will instantly pull the skin up. After thread lifting, results can be seen immediately.

3.The threads are currently dissolved. Does not contain metal. Can dissolve 100% over time without leaving any residue. Only the elastin fibers that our body creates are left, which helps support the skin.

4. Thread lift with an experienced doctor and string with the correct technique It will greatly reduce the risk of swelling and bruising.

Disadvantages of thread lifting

1.If it is ancient silk Containing metals such as gold, metals absorb heat from X-rays, MRIs, and various scanners. and will cause the skin to burn.

2.In thread lifting There is a high risk of swelling and bruising after the procedure. both from anesthetic injections and blood that comes out under the skin Even though there will be little swelling immediately after doing it. However, there may be more swelling during the first 3-4 days, which usually disappears within 7-14 days.

Thread lift vs filler vs Botox, what should I do?

– Thread lifts are suitable for people with very loose cheeks. The results will be clearly seen. It is not expensive
– Filler is suitable for people whose face is sagging from the deep grooves under the eyes and cheeks.
– Botox is for people who have a lot of jaw muscles (grinding their teeth and making their jaw bounce a lot) along with wrinkles in the area. corner of eyes-forehead


Why choose Thread Lift with Meda Clinic?

– The doctor is a medical expert. Skin/Cosmetic Surgery/Laser
Certification fields from America and Korea
– Experience in cosmetic surgery/facial shaping for over 16 years
– Meda Clinic meets all customer needs with standards, clean and safe
– We provide services Take care and consult about beauty and adjust the face shape to increase confidence Every proportion solves the problem right at the point
– Meda Clinic There are staff to take care of you. Follow up on results before/after every time. You can rest assured that when receiving services with us you will be taken care of. Take good care of it.

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